Water Technology Workshop in Tulsa, February 22, 2023

eLynx Water Solutions is sponsoring Oklahoma's Water Technology Workshop this February. Engage with influential members of the water community and earn DEQ certified training hours of continuing education. Sign up today!

Oklahoma DEQ Certified Training

The Water Technology Workshop can help you and your team achieve your hours of required continuing education.  This FREE half-day event offers 4 hours of DEQ certified continuing education on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"I've been in this industry for over 30 years. This is the best class I've ever been to." -Workshop Attendee

What You Will Learn:

Capturing Field Data – This segment will provide an overview of options for capturing operational field data including tower levels, flow rates and pressures.  Operators will learn how field data can be captured manually using a mobile app or captured in an automated method using remote monitoring.  Also learn how alarm cry-outs can be used to alert operators of specific operational conditions like low tank levels, low pressures, or pumps turning on/off.  A live demonstration of this technology will be provided.

Reducing Water Loss – Learn how systems are quickly and cost-effectively reducing water loss and improving system reliability.  The new water leak detection solution provides operators with 24x7 visibility to the pressures throughout their system.  Learn how to identify and locate leaks in real time, identify water hammer issues and identify potential unauthorized usage.  A live demonstration of water systems using this technology and case studies showing real results will be included.

Cold Weather Tips – An overview of issues that water facility operators face with prolonged sub-zero temperatures will be discussed. eLynx has compiled lessons learned from southern water facility operators that can help operators be better prepared for freezing weather.  Operators will have the opportunity to share their experiences and ask specific questions.

Useful IT & Cybersecurity Tips – This segment will provide system managers with tips from IT and cybersecurity easy steps they can take to make their office computers and systems more stable and secure.  Experts will also go over suggestions for the types of computers, hardware and software that operators should procure as they look to upgrade their systems.  Open Q&A session for attendees to ask specific questions.

Funding Technology Initiatives – The ORWA State Programs Director who works with rural water districts throughout Oklahoma will cover the RIG Program and Long-range Sustainability Plan Program to fund technology initiatives. Attendees will have the opportunity to inquire about specific funding resources that could assist them in implementing technology to help improve their operations.

Driving Change – Is your organization struggling with how to implement change to improve operations?  This segment will provide tips and best practices to help with driving change within your organization.  Topics will include how to obtain buy-in from the entire organization from office administrators to field staff/operators to board members.  Tips on how to create a working environment that encourages new ideas and problem solving will empower attendees to be proactive in driving change.  Hear experiences from seasoned system managers on how to deal with specific challenges that stall progress within water districts and municipalities. 

Who Should Attend?

Oklahoma water operators, system managers and board members representing rural water districts, cities and municipalities will benefit from this training. The small group setting (~30 attendees) helps to promote engaging conversations about topics that matter between peers and experts.

Engaged water operators and system managers from around the state at the December 2022 Water Technology Workshop.

How to Sign Up

RSVP by emailing events@elynxtech.com.

In your RSVP, please include: Your Name, Water District, Job Title, and Phone Number.

Event Details

Water Technology Workshop
Wednesday, February 22, 2022
7:15AM to 12:00PM
eLynx Training Center
2431 E 61st St, Suite 660
Tulsa, OK 74136

Water Technology Workshop Agenda

7:15 AM - Breakfast Sponsored by eLynx Water Solutions

7:30 AM - Introductions

7:45 AM - Capturing Field Data

8:30 AM - Reduce Water Loss

9:15 AM - Cold Weather Tips

10:00 AM - Useful IT & Cybersecurity Tips

10:30 AM - Funding Technology Initiatives

11:15 AM - Driving Change

We hope to see you there!

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