eLynx's Continuous Pressure Monitoring Helps Operators Reduce Water Loss

Find out how a small investment is providing big savings to rural water systems.

Many leak detection methods provide water operators with a one-time assessment of their operations. To find leaks in the field, some methods include chlorine-sniffing dogs, drones armed with infrared cameras, or walking the line with advanced ground microphones. With these methodologies, water management facilities are only given a snapshot of what their operations look like in a particular moment. 

Telemetry and SCADA monitor for leaks in real-time. eLynx has developed a low-cost solution that provides Continuous Pressure Monitoring to rural water districts. The solution allows water districts to see continuous pressure readings throughout their water systems. For the same price as a one-time leak assessment, water operators can get continuous pressure monitoring across their entire system.

eLynx’s Continuous Pressure Monitoring provides water utilities with 24/7 oversight of their water supply pipelines. Decreases in water pressure are detected and reported immediately via text and email. Alerts deliver straight to your mobile device and desktop browser.  

Each eLynx Continuous Pressure Monitoring unit transmits water pressure readings every fifteen minutes. Historical data is stored for analysis. Additionally, the eLynx application provides a single interface to view and manage your Continuous Pressure Monitoring units and data.

How It Works

1. Simple Installation

eLynx Continuous Pressure Monitoring units are placed at key intervals on your water supply network. The units can be installed easily by the customer in minutes. 

Instructions with diagrams are included to assemble the enclosure, solar panel, mounting pole, and connections. eLynx Water Solutions also offers field service expertise to install Continuous Pressure Monitoring units.

The eLynx Continuous Pressure Monitoring unit operates continuously in remote locations along a water system. A weatherproof enclosure keeps it working through a wide range of weather conditions. An eco-friendly solar panel provides independent power to an included battery powered system. This allows the unit to operate for up to ten days without sunlight. 

2. Monitor & Alarm

The pressure monitoring unit captures pressure values every fifteen minutes. The pressure values are sent to our cloud-based eLynx application. The units use multi-carrier SIMs. Meaning, they will pick up the best cell signal at any moment in time for that particular location.

The captured values are compared against settings defined by the customer to detect significant variances. Setup each Continuous Pressure Monitoring unit to alert when it detects a variance from expected values. When variances are discovered, an alarm is delivered to the designated recipients via text, email, and/or voice call. 

Expected values can be set to whatever source you prefer to use. Some operators prefer to set their expected pressures to the results from a hydrostatic pressure analysis. Others prefer to use a daily or multi-day average pressure. 

3. Analyze & Digest Data Quickly

Graphs display a line chart for each Water Leak Detection unit. Each data point shows water pressure spikes, pressure drops, and averages over selected time periods. Quickly understand where and when leaks are occurring. 

4. Locate & Repair Leaks 

Map View shows the location of each Continuous Pressure Monitoring unit across your water supply system. Each marker includes the most recent water pressure value. A red marker indicates that the unit is experiencing an active alarm. 

Accurately and efficiently deploy your maintenance teams to make repairs at the leak location. This translates to significant cost savings. Minimize the volume and duration of physical water loss and reduce the man-hours associated with traveling and searching for the problem. 

A Low-Cost Solution for Water Districts

Water districts are always surprised to hear our prices compared to what they are accustomed to hearing for SCADA and telemetry solutions. Find out how eLynx provides customers with significant savings. Contact us for a demo today. 

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