Alarm Cry-Outs

Affordable. Simple to Install. Reliable in Remote Locations.

Single Input


per month
per unit

Multiple Inputs*


per month
per unit


Receive Alarms for:

  • Compressor Run Status
  • Loss of Power
  • Generator On/Off Status
  • Valve Positions
  • High/Low Tank Levels
  • High/Low Pressures
  • High/Low Temperatures

*Cellular units are capable of reporting on up to 5 discrete inputs. Satellite units are capable of reporting on up to 4 discrete inputs.

Comm Type

Hardware Kit **

Comm Airtime

$15 per month per unit
$30 per month per unit

**Hardware kit prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuation, fuel prices and/or unforeseen economic circumstances.


  • Daily Heartbeat for device status.
  • Instantaneous Alarm Notifications via Email, Text, or Voice.
  • Mobile Application
  • Alarm Escalations
  • Alarm Dashboard
  • Voice-to-Text Field Notes


  • Up to 200 alarm notification texts per asset per month, at no charge, pooled across all your assets. eLynx will charge $.01 per text message per month for any overages.
  • Instantaneous Alarm Notifications via Voice callout available at an additional charge.