Phyllis Shelton

Account Executives & Customer Success

Phyllis began her journey with eLynx in July 1997 while working for Steve Jackson at a previous company, American Central Gas Technologies, Inc. When eLynx was established in August 2000, Phyllis transitioned to the new company. She has served in numerous positions over the years, so her current role is a perfect fit for her vast knowledge of eLynx services. As Business Operations Manager, Phyllis provides sales support to our Business Development team, acts as a liaison between sales, eLynx Field Services, Customer Support and Accounting for all contracts, billing and customer historian information. She specializes in contract management for all cellular and satellite carriers that provide services to eLynx.

Phyllis is dedicated to staying fit and healthy. She is a Group Fitness Instructor and has been teaching group fitness classes for over 16 years.  She leads classes five times a week at 5:00am.  Fun fact about Phyllis is she has walked on hot coals with her bare feet. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two very active daughters.

When asked what she enjoys most about eLynx, Phyllis said, "I love who I work with and what I do. I love that I get to come to work with people that are full of integrity.  With all the changes I have experienced over these 20+ years, one thing has remained constant .. the fact that I'm fortunate to work with fantastic people!!!!  We truly have the best of the best."

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