Randall Smith

Product Development

Randy joined eLynx in January 2006. In his current role as Senior Software Developer, Randy writes software for the eLynx system in addition to helping with overall system architecture and operating the Azure infrastructure that runs the eLynx system. He specializes in backend code architecture and performance. His prior 10 years experience included software development work as a consultant for different companies, especially a few in the cable/satellite television industry.

Before becoming a professional software developer, Randy earned a PhD in Classical Languages at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Today, when he isn't working with computers, Randy enjoys model railroading, photography and reading mysteries.

When asked what he enjoys most about eLynx, Randy said, "The people and the culture. When I started at eLynx, the entire HR policy was 'We are all adults. Act like it.' In general, that has held true for the entire time I've been with eLynx."

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